El Joe, La Leyenda Capitulo 1 Online

El Joe, La Leyenda  Capitulo 1 Online, Shakira recorded a promotional video to help promote the series "El Joe, La Leyenda" which appears beautiful Colombian channel "RCN Television.
Shakira in the video all expressed their admiration for the singer who considers a genius for all his musical works.

Video Promo

By walking the streets of Cartagena dying Álvaro José 'The Joe' Arroyo (Jair Romero), who wants so desperately to Jackie Raymond (Estefania Borge) to convince her not to marry another man. Amid the delirium produced by the agony, Joe begins to remember the happy times she lived with her in the seventies at the time of the Carnival of Barranquilla.

At that time, Joe is gozadera pure. Sings in the band 'La Protesta' and is engaged to marry Adela Martelo (Jeimmy Paola Vargas), his teenage girlfriend, she meets Jack Ramon, who is daughter of a musical called Ramon Anibal (Flavio Caballero), owner of The label Caribbean. The arrow between the two is immediate and live the most intense days of passion among the parties. Jack, does not tell Joe that his father is a person lender in Barranquilla society for fear that the credit only for what you have, but to see the talent of Arroyo, promises it will help you realize your dreams be a musician. After, Joe ends where it comes from hearing about it, because Hannibal is looking for a singer to assemble an orchestra and is interested in him.

At first, everything seems perfect, but the road crosses Francisco Vergara (Andrew Smith), right hand of Hannibal and eternal suitor Jack, realizing that the attraction of his alleged by Joe, Mr. Ramon gets weeds saying that her daughter may be coupled with a person "black and poor." Additionally, Arroyo does sign a contract that leaves him enslaved for life and sacándole every penny, without giving anything CARIBBEAN RECORDS participation.

Meanwhile, Fruko (Diego Vasquez), director of Fruko & Sus Tesos, who will also be interested in Joe for his orchestra, he realizes that the contract is harmful. Seeing the situation, Joe assumes that Jack and his father are involved in a plan to take advantage of their naivete. In simultaneous, continuous theft Hannibal discovers that Francis has made the label through contracts and is disturbed to know that Joe and Fruko will appear to claim, bringing the discussion to the limit.

At the same moment, Jack and his aunt Cecilia Ramón (Carmenza Gomez), see the situation and the sight of them as the culprits are Joe and Fruko, leaving Francis as El Salvador and protector of the family Ramon. Jack and Alvaro José 'The Joe' Arroyo to war despite the infinite attraction that has emerged between the two. Later, Adela Arroyo marries and goes to Medellin Fruko work on Discos Fuentes. After some time, appears Francisco to work on the label. Joe now must support not only their enemy leader, but as Jackie's boyfriend who also came to lend his services as a photographer.

He turned to see, they realize that the flame of love is still alive despite the injury. The two entered the dilemma of choosing between what should be done or let your feelings flow. Jack and Joe will fight against the intrigues of Francis, social prejudice and the vagaries of fate that lead them to seek love in other people that do not satisfy and returning unsuccessful attempt to forget mutual

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