Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 222 Online

Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 222 Online 

Wellcome to our site, Salam dangdut!! This Capitulo will be broadcast on the day of your favorite television Friday , June 17, 2011. of course you have watched the previous episode, we hope this Capitulo makes you happy and excited with the family, do not forget to continue to open our site Telenovela Info, to see the next episode and we are proud you are still with us and hope you will not leave this site. Thank you for this togetherness.

Chepe Fortuna, fisherman and ward leader 'El Tiburón', dreams of becoming mayor, to get his people out of poverty and give them a better future.

Cabrales Niña descendent of one of the most important families of the coast and now returns to specialization in Spain, comes with the dream of carrying out several projects of ecological and especially to help fishermen in the neighborhood of the Shark. Chepe and girl are not known, however both mutually dream with each other. Chepe also born with the gift tointerpret dreams of people, but theirs has never been able to know its meaning.

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