Cielo Rojo Capitulo 20 Online

Cielo Rojo Capitulo 20 Online

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Ver Avance Cielo Rojo Capitulo 20 Online Synopsis :

The beginning of the story occurs when Diana Burgos released from jail after having been in prison several years after murdering her husband, who had discovered his affair with Diego Morales and who had a son who gave birth in jail. Simultaneously with the release of DianaBurgos, Diego Morales attends the murder of his wife Jimena and the kidnapping of his son Gabriel. Once out of prison, Diana Burgos, Diego Morales will seek to inform him that he had a son with him. When Diana arrives at the village of San Venancio, home to Diego, you'lllearn that he had put together a family and had a son with his wife. The beauty and sensuality of Diana Burgos seduces men of the village, the millionaire landowner Francisco Moncada fell in love with her and propose marriage to Diana, but Francis will die shortly after leaving her pregnant with Dianne. Upon learning of the past who lived Diana and Diego, Enrique Moncada, son of Francis, who was obsessed with Diana, Diego locks in an asylum and violate hooded Diana. Some time later she will marry Henry, who throws his wife Catherine, Diana became the only woman and owner of the town of San Venancio, vowing to take vengeance on those who despised and raped after the death of Francisco.

Dianne will grow away from his mother in Cumana, will be raised by Dulce, the beardedladyfriend Diana. When Dianne meets twenty years, moved to San Venancio and Gabriel Morales will meet and fall in love, but Diana will do all this to be achieved to separate them, as they will not forgive Gabriel being the legitimate son of Diego Morales, as his son, Armando, was never acknowledged. Also returned to town Isabel Moncada, daughter of Henry and Catherine, granddaughter of Francis, who does not forgive his father for having driven her mother to marry Diana, and try to recover their share of the estate and fortune of his grandfather . Isabel also tried to woo him away from Gabriel and Dianne.

Thus began a stormy history of love, hate and fight for the legacy of Francisco Moncada.

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