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La Bruja Capitulo 21 Online, This telenovela broadcast on Monday, June 27 2011, Dangdut is the best!! Hallo friend I Hope you happy this time, you can enjoy yourTelenovela  La Bruja Capitulo 21 Online on Caracol TV in the company of family and friends.

Action takes place in the town of San Fernando in the frontierbetween Venezuelaand Brazil. The plot tells the story of Lucia(FlorNúñez), a young woman whose last known by all theinhabitants of the village, surrounded by a mysterious cloud. This makes the cataloged a witch, why the family insists on keeping itaway from human contact. Furthermore, history reveals the existence of Hernán Fonseca and Venancio dosSantos, which are the twolandlords of the village. Each owns a good part of it, so it is said that the town is divided into two halves, one of Hernan and the other Venacio. Among Venacio Hernán and there is a death struggle for control of the town, a fight that began to be developedby a woman, Marcela Carrao. It all started when Marcela, HernánFonseca left by Venancio dos Santos. The story begins the dayyou come to the village Juan Manuel Fonseca. That day, Lucy willbe burned by the people accused of witch. Lucia is saved byVenancio dos Santos, who orders him to go and live in your home.Lucia meets again with Juan Manuel and this is how they discoverthe great love that had always existed between them. Venancio, meanwhile, forcesLucia to marry him and to learn from past associations it had with Juan Manuel, made again unleash the war between the families and dos Santos Fonseca.

This is the story of two very unique characters were born in a small, prosperous town of the country's coffee region, which succeeded, over time, acquire such power that influenced decisively in the political fortunes of Colombia at the end of the decade seventies, and unknowingly, in the state of affairs in the country today.

This beautiful actress is the star of "La Bruja", a series inspired by the work of Germain Castro Caycedo. Do not miss the big premiere tonight at 8:00 pm

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