La que no podía amar

La que no podía amar

Del Triunfo AMCOM is customary for Jose Alberto Castro, the production of its new telenovela met for the project was blessed

Production of the new telenovela of Jose Alberto Castro met for a mass start of recordings, the forum was cited Televisa San Angel 8.

La que no podía amar is the name of melodrama, which is based on the soap opera Monte Calvario, which in 1986 starred Edith Gonzalez and Arturo Peniche: "We are working on the original Delia Fiallo was the drama, is now adapting the Jimena Suarez much today and especially a very different from the two protagonists, "said 'Guero' Castro.

A story that will captivate audiences at seven in the evening: "It's a psychodrama, show the lack of love, the human needs to be loved," said the producer.

This soap opera will star Ana Brenda Contreras and Jose Ron, couple who took the lead role in I swear I love you a couple of years ago, "Ron is my best friend, Julian Gil is also my best friends, George also known for a long time. I worked with but we were very young Ron was like something more youthful and these characters are much more mature, a new opportunity to reinvent and rediscover things, "said Ana Brenda.

'Ana Paola' is the character that the actress will play "is not the submissive woman, has character, has many things to defend, has values, is a woman who fights is a warrior will have many strong scenes and confrontation with the character of Jorge Salinas. "

Also revealed that there will be scenes of passion "has much more adult issues, Guero obviously has excellent taste and a subtle way of playing so many themes in his novels, will be made with all the respect in the world and also suitable for the whole family" said Ana Brenda.

La que no podía amar  that marks the return of Jorge Salinas melodramas, the actor will play for the first time an invalid, "a frustrated character is full of rancor, believes that life has played a bad game, by having this accident are truncated many things, is an invalid emotional. "

The Argentine Julian Gil also returns to Mexican soap operas with this project: "I am thrilled with this opportunity, I think my return to Televisa is a great privilege for the 'heavy' to see the cast for me is a blessing ".

Her character was not part of the original story: "The character is new in the plot, is a surprise, be called 'Bruno'."

Ana Brenda Contreras, Jose Ron, Ana Martin, Ana Bertha Espin, Ingrid Martz, Julian Gil, Paty Díaz, Fabián Robles, Mar Contreras, Jorge Salinas, Susana Gonzalez are the cast who will lead and Alejandro Gamboa Garcini Salvador.

La que no podía amar have locations in the state of Chiapas and start broadcasting on August 1 at 7 pm on Channel Estrellas.or the Grand Final..

see you at august...

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