Gran Final La Fuerza Del Destino

Gran Final La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 101Broadcast on July 31 2011, I hope you enjoy with your favourite Telenovela.

A healer and her daughter are Ivan and Camilo, taking them home to heal, but both are very serious.

Antolin and appear before the commander Anthony Aguilar, Saul found with three bullet wounds. Antolin is justified for having hurt, Anthony supports it. All are concerned about Ivan and Camilo.

The healer put worms in the bodies of Ivan and Camilo to eat the dead tissue, he tells his daughter that one of them wants to save, but not the other.

Anthony reportedly found the car Ivan and Camilo in Kino Bay, and the body of Gordo in Lomita the Tor, but there was someone else's blood there.

The son of the healer said to be afraid of men who came, for fear it put in jail. The healer says he's fired from his people and the police allowed them to follow their laws. The boy says he had no choice but to kill the man who would take her sister. The mother says his evil spirit is stronger than good.

Ivan reacts, starts to remember Lucy and Alex, but still a lot of pain.

Lucy talks to Alex, Anthony and she lie saying that Ivan is in Los Angeles. All are more concerned to think that Cameron and Ivan may be dead.

Antolin commander yells Aguilar getting no results in search of their 'brothers'. They do not accept to join the police to find them either. Antolin decides to go look for yourself.

David and Esther try to intercede with Juan Jaime Saul, but he only curses him. Esther and Saul David visit in the infirmary of the prison, they will tell you the best for him. Esther tries to pray for him, but Saul refuses to repent.

Anthony supports Antolin, says he and Bob go to find Ivan and Camilo him. Lucia will also go.

Ivan Camilo speaks, he does open his eyes. The daughter of the healer told they no longer have their cell phones, or anything more than his clothes. Ivan asks for help from the healer, to report in Hermosillo that are there, they both have families. The healer's son refuses to authorities.

Ivan tries to talk to Connor, but he thinks giving up because you think your life is empty and no longer wants to suffer.

Anthony, Antolin, Bob and Lucy arrive in Bahia de Kino. Anthony talks with the authorities, will talk about their limitations and the Hispanic community of 'Seri', peaceful fishermen, respect their customs, living near Tiburon.

Anthony organized the search for Ivan and Camilo, he and Lucy go by helicopter, but Benito Antolin and must comb the area on foot with an experienced guide.

The healer tells Ivan about the conditions under which he and Camilo arrived. She says that Buck lost much blood and has a strong spirit like him. Ivan begs him to help them reach a hospital, but the healer tells her that it would not help because Cameron did not want to live.

Ivan Camilo speaks, he tells her he does not care if you live or not, tells him that he was always guilt and envy felt for him. Talk to Ivan as it was the last time.

Everyone starts the search. Ivan Anthony heard the helicopter and runs to yell, but can not be seen.

Ivan Camilo announces to go for help, Camilo encourages it. The healer will give you medicine to take and accompanied by his son. The son Resusta, but argues that if the healer saves the life of Camilo pay their fault.

The next day, Ivan Camilo says goodbye as if it were last seen. Ivan makes him promise to be kept alive until they turn to see, given the string of Alicia and leaves with the boy.

The healer will go with the head to Tiburon and cure Camilo meantime. He tells his daughter that protects a great spirit. Far from there, Arcelia pray for their children.

Fausto Vega arrested, compadre. The commander reported by Anthony, also recovered most of the ransom and won permission to go to the Tiburon.

The healer's son Ivan explains that you can go to jail, Ivan says he will not allow it. Suddenly they see the helicopter again, but the boy refuses to start a fire, it can cause extensive damage.

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