Natalia del Mar Capitulo 4

Natalia del Mar Capitulo 4 Online, Hallo dear I hope you enjoy today, this capitulo will be aired on Venevisión Venezuela at 2.00 PM July, 01 2011.

"Natalia del Mar" is the beautiful story of a girl who has to fight to regain the happiness that two families at war snatched.

The rivalry between the families and Moncada Uzcategui, has intensified over the years. And amid the maelstrom of hate, Natalia appears in Playa Esperanza sweet hand of eternal love of adolescence Luis Manuel Moncada. She gets to live with his grandfather, a "wizard" and professional charlatan who all call the enlightened Jacinto, also they will live Natalia's brothers, Domingo and Rosarito. All very humble and poor education. 
Natalia overcome dreams and stop being the "gross" as some derisively called. Despite his ragged clothes and his indomitable character, despite a life of hardship, the biggest dream is to marry Natalia Luis Manuel, but then, Valerio and his old enemy Moncada Uzcategui Adolfo, both cheaters and greedy, conceived a plan, something evil that none of the parties to meet and thought that threatened to destroy forever the beautiful dreams of Natalia.The most beautiful beaches of Venezuela will witness the boundless evil that Pearl will Natalia will not rest until they destroy it. Also in this fast-paced story, we meet Sarah, the sister of Adolf ambitious, able to perpetuate the worst crimes to satisfy their hunger for power and money. Julian, the son vague and scoundrel's own Sara, who feel an unhealthy obsession for the helpless blind Rosarito ... Father Baltazar, the village priest and friend to all ... Passion, the owner of the coots of the people, where are born great gossip and many of them, hot and wild woman invents ... Baldomero and Vivianite, a very special marriage where the "pieces" are the order of the day ... in this colorful beach town called Hope, about everything and everyone .

Natalia del Mar Capitulo 4

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