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Synopsis La Que No Podia Amar :

The story begins in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico, where Ana Paula Carmona a girl, one girl had to care for her ailing mother. And after the death of Mariana, Ana Paula decided to study nursing for good to help others.

At first, Ana Paula is about to graduate and meet Bruno, the formidable lawyer Rogelio Montero. Bruno is looking for a nurse to attend to his boss, the salary is good and Ana Paula accepts employment to financially support his Aunt Rosa, who has cared for her and her brother Michael, since they were children.

Rosa complains bitterly about having lost opportunities in love, care for and intended to be the ones who keep it, for which malingering.

Dany's boyfriend Miguel, a young bubbly and enthusiastic about changing their nature uncertain. She is best friends with Ana Paula, the two studied together for nurses.

What Ana Paula not imagine is going to have to work in very difficult conditions on the farm "The Fort", a distant and isolated, as the character of Roger is very difficult, since it has not exceeded the consequences of the accident happened when I was about to marry Vanessa, frivolous and selfish woman that ended with him crippled know.

In addition to Roger, "La Hacienda Del Fuerte" lives his sister Cynthia, who feels trapped because he does not give the part of the heritage it deserves and forces her to stay by his side caring for him. To avoid boredom, behind him, Cinthia gets entangled with Ephraim, the foreman, who truly loves her. So he evades Consuelo, a maid who loves him sincerely and with great innocence.

At the Hacienda Del Fuerte also lives Maria Consuelo's godmother, a kind woman who has been like a mother to Roger and Cynthia was her nanny and is now responsible for their care. The touch of joy in that environment so strict, Margarito gives a charming, innocent child who has no family and that Mary protects.

Ana Paula knows Gustavo Duran, a noble, hard-working engineer, who has a nursing sister, named Mercedes. They fall in love but their happiness is cut short because Roger also falls for her, forming a love triangle with terrible consequences.

When Michael causes a terrible accident and is about to lose the hand and go to jail for life, Rogelio saves in exchange for Ana Paula to marry him. She sacrifices herself for her brother but does not imagine the ordeal that awaits him next to Roger, when he discovers that she loves another.

It is only at the end of the story that true love triumphs and Ana Paula can choose freely whether to keep her husband or her first love.

Capitulo1 : 

Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) is a beautiful girl, smart and hardworking, she and her aunt Rosa (Ana Bertha Espin) live through the work of his brother Michael (Osvaldo Benavides).

With economic pressures make the mistake of Miguel being involved in a crime that links their fates with that of Bruno (Julián Gil).

Bruno is an expert lawyer who takes Michael to jail and will also work to Ana Paula offers her profession as a nurse.

She accepts the job to help his family and came to the hacienda Del Fuerte not imagine what awaits you there.

What fate has in store?

La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 1 Online,

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