Un ano para Recodar Capitulo 92

Un ano para Recodar Capitulo 92 Online, this Capitulo will be broadcast on August 01 2011. You can enjoy all the Capituloof this spectacular Telenovela that is transmitted by the Telefe channel.

A Year to Remember: the story ofAna, the supervisor of banks large supermarkets, one night, accidentally, in the midst of an argument kills herhusband (son of the owner of thesupermarket) who has just discovered she has a lover.

Desperate, haunted by guilt, goes home and calls the police to blame the crime ... and fallsasleep.
When he wakes up the next morning, something odd has happened. Discover that time has fallen, exactly one year ago, the day I met Dante (Gaston Pauls), her lover, the way to thesupermarket and Victor (Rafael Ferro), her husband, therefore, is not dead yet.

Among the bewilderment and disbelief, not knowing if it is truly a blessing or a cruel nightmareAna will complete the move last year of your life where you will discover that things are not always as they seem to be at first glance.

With prior knowledge of what happened this past year, Anne will realize that their actions can alter the destiny of the people who work with her in Supermercados Grande, but soondiscover that by changing a minimal part of the fabric of life can also create risks in the grandpreset. Would soon realize also that there are issues of destiny, as his love for Dante, which will be impossible to avoid, whatever you do.

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