Lucero Por Ella Soy Eva

Lucero as Helena Moreno Romero

Born in Mexico City on August 29, 1969. She is the daughter of Antonio Loaf (RIP) and Lucero León, who incidentally has been its artistic representative for many years.

From an early age began in the middle of the show, since the age of 10 joined the cast of Cheers Half Day and three years later starred in her first telenovela: Spark.

Since participating in the child melodrama emerged as a talent, which had to use their charisma, beauty and habiliades. It was then that they sent to move into the seventh art Flirty, next to Pedro Fernandez. In this film followed: Fever of love with Luis Miguel, Offenders, Escape with me, I would like to be a man and delicious scoundrel.

Also, within their repertoire of soap operas, melodramas are as: When it comes to love, the poor relations, Laces of Love and My destiny is you, but at the end of the melodrama, was said to have been dissatisfied with the results, so who decided to retire from acting.

Among the successes of his career as a singer include "Always with you", "Darling of my love", "Lucero", "Lucero de Mexico", "Just think of you", "With My Feeling", "Tell me," "Go with it," "Piece of Me", "Fire and Tenderness", "With tampocos years" and "Him", to name a few.

In 2003 he made his debut in the musical theater in Regina. Especially in the 100 performances of this work sucitó the incident in which his bodyguard threatened with gun in hand to members of the press who wanted to take the stage in search of an interview with the artist. At first reacted against the media, but then requested a public apology.

It has also been one of the leading figures in the Telethon in Mexico, but after this incident, the Telethon 2003 did not appeared as principal conductor, but in a short initial block.

In 2004, joining the cast of the film Zapata directed by Alfonso Arau and starring Alejandro Fernandez.

After some time of recess in the field of soap operas, in 2005, returns with the producer Carla Estrada to play the title role of Alborada, called 'Hippolyta'.

The same year, released their album Love me as I am, which pays tribute to composer Rafael Perez Botija, playing so unique, some of his subjects.

In 2007, held 27-year career with a concert at the Auditorio Nacional, which recorded full house. That concert was released a CD and a DVD were released the same year.

In 2008, began broadcasting a radio program via the Internet, called What's up, Lucero?, Which makes interviews with other artists and is transmitted every fifteen days. The program can download from their official website.

The same year he released the album together, in which he sings alongside her husband Manuel Mijares, some of the most famous of the two.

In October 2008, returns to television, but this time as a villain in the soap opera Tomorrow is forever, in which shares credit with Sergio Sendel.

In his private life little is said, but it is known that in 1997 married the singer Manuel Mijares, who has two children.

In 2010, he received the ACE Award for Best Female Performance in co-Tomorrow is forever.

He starred in the telenovela I'm your lady of Nicandro Diaz, next to Fernando Colunga. She sang the theme song of melodrama with Joan Sebastian and released his new album Essential. The first day goes on sale debuts in the top of iTunes, the first single 'Mistress of your love' is placed in the top of radio in Mexico, U.S. and Costa Rica, this being the nominee chosen by People magazine in Spanish and song of the year, so in 2011 Lucero again sets record, to bring the video of the third single 'This time the first me'. Following the success of their pop songs, decided to launch in June of that year a ballad 'You're all'.

In 2011 jury becomes the guest of Little Giants and later the only woman coach of the highly successful program The Voice ... Mexico, getting dumped in third place with his runner and showing great freshness and sympathy Sunday to Sunday.

For 2012 returns to the soap opera starring Eva for her I'm next to Jaime Camil as' Helena Moreno ', a single mother who is suspicious of men and works hard to get ahead, but leave love for' Juan Carlos Caballero, who the disappointed.

Lucero Por Ella Soy Eva 

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