La Tempestad - Ximena Navarrete

La Tempestad, Ximena Navarrete, La Tempestad Capitulos
La Tempestad Telenovela

Ximena Navarrete will be starring in the soap opera"La tempestad", by the Cuban heartthrob William Levy, announced Friday the Televisa network.

In melodrama, the Universe will play exMiss Marina, an executive who after leaving his job because of an uncomfortable work environment, decides to resume her career as a director in a village a tuna company whose majority shareholder is the captain Fabre, interpreted by Levy.

"The elements for which the decision was basically chemistry with William Levy and typology representing Ximena, which will according to this character," producer Salvador Mejía said in a statement.

"What did she have that weight to global starring as Miss Universe, it is the work we also us to play this role."

Mejia, who is currently producing "How beautiful love", also confirmed that Spanish actor Ivan Sanchez in the new dramatic act in the role of Octavian, the antagonistic character will complete the love triangle of production, according to the AP.

After being crowned in 2010, Navarrete continued her professional training at the Center for Arts Education Televisa, according to the letter.

The Mexican beauty worked as host of a segment of a newscast during the Olympic Games and has served as host of galas. He has also expressed interest in acting on the big screen.

Levy, meanwhile, has become telenovela starring in popular titles like "Spell" and "The Triumph of Love". The model also took part in 2012 in the dance competition "Dancing with the Stars", where he finished third, and recorded the music video "I'm into you" to Jennifer Lopez.

The recordings of "La tempestad" would begin in March. The cast also includes actress and singer Daniela Romo and Cuban actor Cesar Evora. The statement did not specify the release date of the telenovela.

La Tempestad, Ximena Navarrete

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